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leaf Welcome to Caring Kind

Caring Kind has been in the Cannabis Industry for over a decade!

We have made special connections with growers, nurseries, distributors, manufactures, and retailers. We seek the highest quality cannabis to package and deliver to license retailers through-out California. We call Santa Cruz our place of establishment, because that was where Caring Kind was born, born from an idea that we must get people access to high quality cannabis at affordable prices. We partner and build relationships with each business in our supply chain and do our best to get everyone a fair price from grower to consumer. We use sustainable packaging created by Calyx, degradable, recyclable, and they keep our flowers fresh. Speaking of fresh, our small batches are packaged right before we ship to retail, so that you get flowers that are perfect for smoking. Always white ashes and smooth burning.

Caring Kind has been cultivating and nurturing for world-class genetics like our Supreme Dream for over 15 years.
Special Selections
Fair Price Practices to the Farmers - Ethical business practices and the development of relationships are our goal
Farm Love
We source from farms that grow the best Cannabis in the world! We know because we smoke it. White ashes
All Natural
We use strict quality control in every process, our team of experts inspects every batch prior to packaging and shipment

Caring Kind has been a leader in sustainable packaging since the beginning. We were Calyx Containers first customer and we continue to support them. Calyx Containers are designed to keep our product fresh while minimizing our impact on the environment. They are fully recyclable, block UV, airtight, and break down in the landfill. This is not your usual plastic; it has been injected with organic additives that help break down the plastic once the container arrives at the landfill. Proudly made in the USA.

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