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Why Caring Kind?

We are extremely passionate about indoor soil grown organic cannabis and the techniques and technologies that we use. We have a diverse team with extensive knowledge about growing organic cannabis plants. We offer sought after exotic genetics, that are grown in specially formulated soil blends, hand watered, and hand fed a calculated diet of Roots Organics Nutrients (CDFA certified). Our factory uses natural plant defense methods along with a proven process flow that is kept extremely clean and private, only master growers are allowed in the plant rooms. We hand trim and hand package every flower fresh. We closely monitor the cure process to ensure the flowers are packaged at the perfect time.

Natural Plant Defenses

Chili Peppers as a natural defense | organic cannabis

  • Einstein Oil
  • Scorpion Trinidad Moruga Peppers
  • Nepenthes Pitcher Plants
  • Thai Chili Peppers
  • Thrive Alive B1 (Green Bottle)
  • Predatory Nematodes

Caring Kind Factor

Our headquarters was designed by local engineers and architects to specifically meet Santa Cruz City and Caring Kind requirements. By using our applied knowledge we are able to create perfect environments for each one of our prized genetics. Attention to detail and love for the Earth is shown in everything we do including the layout of the factory.

Why Caring Kind?


At Caring Kind we believe that living soil grown cannabis has richer terpenes, longer lasting effects, and burns white ashes. We regenerate our soil which we have found to be beneficial to the plants and our process. We enrich each plant with a specific blend of nutrients prior to flower. Most of our in house cultivars have been grown by us for over a decade. In addition to our Cannabis canopy we also grow chili peppers, nepenthes, and lemon basil. We use chilis and lemon basil in our plant sprays. Nepenthes Pitcher plants are used to defend against all flying insects and they really really love fungus gnats.

We love what we do, and where we do it.

We love what we do, and where we do it.

Caring Kind


What's being said

Calyx Containers

"Caring Kind has been excellent to work with. The care they put into the quality and sustainability of product shows their commitment to give their clients a top notch experience."


“In my 10 years smoking medical cannabis I have never found a product more clean, fresh, aromatic, and flavorful than Caring Kind flowers.”

Retail Manager Santa Cruz Naturals

"Supreme Dream by Caring Kind is one of my personal favorites"


Thanks for the Laughing Buddha! One of my favorites!

Big L

I took some Caring Kind flowers with me down to Jamaica, my people were amazed at the quality!