Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is quickly becoming one of our favorite flavors. She’s sweet, gassy, and extremely potent. Test results have averaged around 29% Total THC, 33% Total Cannabinoids. 2.61% terpene test reveals strong amounts of Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene We recommend this flower for the experienced only!

Bred by Seed Junky Crew, tissue cultured at Phinest Cannabis co. and grown to perfection at Caring Kind, Santa Cruz.

New flavor for 2020

We are excited to announce new flavors for 2020!

First up is Strawberry Charlotte’s aka SC Web. Bred Inhouse and pheno selected at Caring Kind she is a perfect cross of Strawberry Chunk (male) and our very own Charlottes Web cut (also known as CKCBD). The structure is dense and very colorful. Really beautiful red hairs with super strong Myrcene, A. Pinene, and Limonene terpenes. She tests at a perfect 10% THC and 10% CBD.

Learn more about Strawberry Charlotte’s.

Beeline Hempwick Partnership

Super stoked to announce that we are an official Beeline Hempwick distributor! We love their products, they compliment our own, and we have been promoting their use for many years now. Caring Kind Cannabis tastes amazing when lit with a Beeline Hempwick, try for yourself!

Find out more about Beeline Hempwick:

We are OPEN!

We are Caring Kind, a clean green certified cannabis microbusiness located in the City limits of Santa Cruz, California. Find our ultra-premium cannabis and cannabis products in California licensed dispensaries. Information about our flowers and products is always available on our newly upgraded website!

Cultivators contact us regarding our packaging, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities!


Caring Kind Cannabis is Clean Green Certified!

We are excited to show the world our grow techniques and the natural plant defenses we use in our garden. Big thank you to Chris Van Hook and the team for looking into our process flow and recipe. Also huge shout out to Roots Organics Nutrients and Vital Earth gardening products.

Grown in Santa Cruz, California using sustainable practices that ensure well-being to the Earth, customers, employees, community, and shareholders. Thank you for supporting our mission.

Ultra-premium Cannabis and Cannabis products that is Caring Kind.

Calyx Containers

We are super excited about our partnership with Calyx Containers! They keep the quality and freshness of our flowers by blocking UV light and being airtight. They are recyclable, landfill friendly. They will fully biodegrade when entered into the waste system. Super light and easy to put in your pocket. For our retail partners they come with a stackable tray and insert display holder, which also has inventory counts built into the base. Everything is made in the USA. With the lids being made in California!

More information can be found on Calyx Containers

HQ – Stay Tuned

As we finalize everything at the new Caring Kind HQ, we would like to take this moment to thank all of the awesome, amazing, incredible individuals that played a vital role in the creation of our vision and completion of our goals. Teamwork makes the dream work; stay positive, stay true. So stoked

Caring Kind Headquarters

Caring Kind Headquarters located in Santa Cruz, California is currently under construction and we hope to be open very very soon! Thank you to everyone for your patients during this transition period. Look for Caring Kind Cannabis and Cannabis products in your local Santa Cruz County Dispensary!!!


Caring Kind Micro Business License

Caring Kind has received our temporary state license for a Micro-business. Under the Micro-business permit we can cultivate, distribute, and manufacture cannabis/cannabis products. Our license number is C12-18-0000056-TEMP. Construction has begun on our state of the art facility, and will be open very soon! Check back for updates, and sign up for our newsletter.

Organic, Ultra-Premium Cannabis for everyone 21 years and older, Yes! We have so many exciting products and flavors releasing for 2019..Thank you to Santa Cruz City and everyone involved for supporting our mission!

It’s on now!

Stony Cookies

During the great cookie craze of 2013 Caring Kind was given an original cut of Girl Scout Cookies aka G.S.C, our good friend called it “Thin Mint” and said it was from someone named Berner. While experimenting finishing times and nutrient dosages one of the G.S.C plants hermied out and got one of our Stony Diesel girls pollinated. Collective member Dom Diesel found the magic bean! We immediately put her in the soil and started cultivating her. She took around 2 years to really reach stability and produce quality flowers. We also had to discover the perfect finishing time and nutrient recipe, as she is sensitive to phosphorous. The taste is amazing with her terpene profile leaning towards the G.S.C spectrum, however the effect is more like a buzzing sour diesel or heady sativa. She is by far the most potent of all the Caring Kind flavors with test results ranging from 27% all the way to 32% THCA. Recommended for novice and experienced cannabis consumers only. Meet Stony Cookies™.

The Legend of the Rollsteen

We must have been on a path destined for collision..on one side you have the Caring Kind producing organic, ultra-premium cannabis, on the other side you have two hands that love to roll. The introduction was pretty straight forward, meet my friends they love to grow the best cannabis, meet my friend he loves to roll the best cones…Ever since the first Rollsteen, it was known this was a match made in herbal heaven. The name came about over one giggly Banana Slug™ session. Then it was decided Bruce Rollsteen will be forever known as the superstar roller for the Caring Kind. If you get the chance, enjoy your Rollsteen™!