Beeline Hempwick Partnership

Super stoked to announce that we are an official Beeline Hempwick distributor! We love their products, they compliment our own, and we have been promoting their use for many years now. Caring Kind Cannabis tastes amazing when lit with a Beeline Hempwick, try for yourself!

Find out more about Beeline Hempwick:

We are OPEN!

We are Caring Kind, a clean green certified cannabis microbusiness located in the City limits of Santa Cruz, California. Find our world class cannabis and cannabis products in California licensed dispensaries. Information about our flowers and products is always available on our newly upgraded website!

Cultivators contact us regarding our packaging, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities!


Caring Kind Headquarters

Caring Kind Headquarters located in Santa Cruz, California is currently under construction and we hope to be open very very soon! Thank you to everyone for your patients during this transition period. Look for Caring Kind Cannabis and Cannabis products in your local Santa Cruz County Dispensary!!!


The Legend of the Rollsteen

We must have been on a path destined for collision..on one side you have the Caring Kind producing organic, ultra-premium cannabis, on the other side you have two hands that love to roll. The introduction was pretty straight forward, meet my friends they love to grow the best cannabis, meet my friend he loves to roll the best cones…Ever since the first Rollsteen, it was known this was a match made in herbal heaven. The name came about over one giggly Banana Slug™ session. Then it was decided Bruce Rollsteen will be forever known as the superstar roller for the Caring Kind. If you get the chance, enjoy your Rollsteen™!

Supreme dream

Yes it is true this is just blue dream, but you have never seen blue dream with so many crystals and nutrient density like this. Grown to perfection for over a decade by the Caring Kind master growers, a Santa Cruz original! Great effects, amazing flavor, it is forever one of our favorites. Meet Supreme Dream. website

We are extremely excited to announce the newly updated Thanks to everyone at Ironfly for taking the time with us to implement everything we wanted. For our retail partner’s customers we have photos and facts on all of our products, process flow, and you can leave product reviews for other customers to see. We also have all the test data for every flower and product available at all times. There is a newsletter to keep informed on new flower selections and products.

For our retail partners we have a login portal that allows for easy ordering, order tracking, order history, product pricing, Clean Green Certified recipes, and product availability.