Limited Edition Labels

We would like to announce our limited edition labels will be shipping next week (3/23).
  • Special tribute to the Santa Cruz Mountains, one universal color!
  • Look for them at all of our Preferred Retailers very soon.
  • Caring Kind – World Class Cannabis and Cannabis Products
  • Indoor, soil grown, hand trimmed, packaged fresh!
  • Clean Green Certified flowers and products
  • Grown and Made in Santa Cruz, California
  • Thanks to the team at Calyx Containers

Stony Cookies

The Stoniest Stony Cookies ever!

  • The latest batch of Stony Cookies has tested at 36% Total Cannabinoids!
  • The structure and the terpenes also came out amazing.
  • Stony Diesel x GSC (Thin Mint Phenotype)
  • Sativa dominant
  • Potent
  • World Class Cannabis Flowers
  • Grown in Santa Cruz, California

Banana Slug Rolls

We are extremely excited about our latest product release…We are calling them Slug Rolls. 0.8 Grams of freshly cured Banana Slug flowers, rolled into an 1 1/4 Elements cone. Burns great, tastes amazing. Potent and effective. Dropping at all preferred retailers soon!

Caring Kind Hemp Hat

We are super stoked to work with Alpine Hemp Co on our brand new snapback hats. Clean Green logo on left, doob caddy on the right. Wedding Cake photo on the inside dome in shiny/sweatguard materials. High quality hat and embroidering. Available now online, we will also be running promotions at our preferred retailers throughout the month so be on the lookout. Thank you for supporting our mission to deliver world-class cannabis to the California recreational market.