Stony Cookies

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During the great cookie craze of 2013 Caring Kind was given an original cut of Girl Scout Cookies aka G.S.C, our good friend called it “Thin Mint” and said it was from someone named Berner. While experimenting finishing times and nutrient dosages one of the G.S.C plants hermied out and got one of our Stony Diesel girls pollinated. Collective member Dom Diesel found the magic bean! We immediately put her in the soil and started cultivating her. She took around 2 years to really reach stability and produce quality flowers. We also had to discover the perfect finishing time and nutrient recipe, as she is sensitive to phosphorous. The taste is amazing with her terpene profile leaning towards the G.S.C spectrum, however the effect is more like a buzzing sour diesel or heady sativa. She is by far the most potent of all the Caring Kind flavors with test results ranging from 27% all the way to 32% THCA. Recommended for novice and experienced cannabis consumers only. Meet Stony Cookies™.